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Bailey Education Group Rolls Out Vital Service For School Leaders

In an effort to improve the lives of all children, Bailey Education Group will begin offering Transformative Leadership Development: Empowering School Leaders.

“This training is designed to help school leaders develop more proactive operational and instructional practices, enabling them to focus on the academic and social growth of all students,” Pat Ross, Vice President of Bailey Education Group announced today.

“Quality leadership is critical to the success of all schools and districts, and the priority for all schools is to keep students and staff safe and accelerate learning for all children."

The Bailey Transformative Leadership Training, developed by national experts in school and organizational leadership, provides school and district leaders with strategies necessary to control for the intervening variables which directly affect student performance.

From diagnosis to prescription to implementation, the training allows schools to have a laser-like focus on accelerating learning for students. The training will be available through a combination of face-to-face and virtual delivery, to meet the needs of the school and district.

It will be provided by former and current school, district, and state leaders with a deep understanding of transformational school change and improvement. The optimum training schedule will involve six days throughout the school year, including three days during the summer and early fall to plan, prepare, and implement best practice structures on day one of school.

“This proven technique enhances the education environment for all involved – administrators, teachers, students, and parents,” added Ross. “We are excited to see districts signing up already for our Transformative Leadership Development!”

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