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Huntsville City Schools Middle School Principal Says Educational Consulting Contract Is A Success

By Caroline Klapp — WAFF 48 News

Over the summer, we told you the district approved using CARES act money to hire an educational consulting company called the Bailey Group.

We met up with the principal at Morris Middle School, William King to find out how the program is working.

King tells us for the last several months a representative with the Bailey Group has come to the school once a week.

He says the reps are former educators who observe the classroom and work with teachers and students to improve student performance in English, Math and Science.

He describes the reps as professional, knowledgeable and a worthwhile investment.

“It’s extremely critical. At this point we need all the help we can get in the classroom with getting kids focused again. The Bailey Group reps are interacting with the kids and they’re interacting with the staff and they are helping in every way they can,” King said.

King added he’s already seen an improvement in student performance.

For more information about Bailey Education Group's services, contact

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