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Position Announcement: State Director for Louisiana

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Bailey Education Group, LLC, is hiring a State Director to lead and manage operations and service delivery in Louisiana. We are a regional educational consulting company who has been in business for over fifteen years and provide high quality teacher and leadership training and coaching.

Accepting applications through Monday, September 4th.

We are seeking a highly motivated, energetic, positive person who meets the following preferred requirements for the role:

1. A master’s degree or Higher in Educational Leadership or related area

2. Successful experience as a school principal and at least 5 successful years in a public school or district’s central office in one of the following roles: federal programs, special education, curriculum, technology, assistant superintendent, or superintendent in Louisiana.

3. Expertise in a content area taught in public, private, or charter schools, ideally in Louisiana.

4. Successful experience leading a school under an accountability system and have current knowledge and expertise in helping schools succeed operating under the current accountability system in Louisiana

5. Ability to multi-task within several different scopes of work

6. A developed sense of detail and organizational skills

7. Ability to successfully navigate Microsoft 365 components (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

8. Effective communication skills

9. Ability to build and maintain professional relationships

10.Successful experience in working with, and managing others and an ability to motivate them to reach goals

11. Possess a state-wide network of colleagues and name recognition in Louisiana.

If you meet the above listed criteria, please review the job description below. If the work inspires and challenges you, please send your letter of interest and resume that lists at least three references to Dr. Karen Norwood, Director of Human Resources at Your latest supervisor should be listed as one of those three references. All references’ email addresses and phone numbers should be included as well.

Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Louisiana State Director Job Description

1. Function as a direct report to the Vice Presidents

2. Function as a Project Manager

3. Function as an Instructional / Leadership Coach 60 days per school calendar year

4. Manage and supervise all aspects of Bailey Education work in the state of Louisiana

  • LA Project Managers

  • LA Instructional Coaches

  • LA Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Analyze Pending Projects

  • Monitor Project Overview

  • Ensure adequate scheduling of projects

  • Focus on retention of existing clients

  • Focus on acquiring new clients

5. Provide marketing and sales vision and leadership for the state of Louisiana

  • Function as a member of the Marketing Team

  • Provide leadership and feedback to Marketing Associate

  • Set and monitor yearly sales goals

6. Manage planning of LA Conferences

  • Determine conferences that company will attend

  • Determine Bailey employees who will attend

  • Determine focus of conference sessions and employees to present

  • Provide guidance on overall look of conference booth setup

  • Attend or determine a designee at all LA conferences

  • Determine co-sponsors for Bailey conference events

  • Maintain active status in all applicable subject areas on the Louisiana Department of Education’s PD Vendor Guide

7. Establish and maintain relationships with key employees within the Louisiana Department of Education.

Other Responsibilities:

1. Communicate with all team members and clients in a timely, proactive, professional manner.

2. Assume positive intent when dealing with team members and clients.

3. Complete all other projects and duties as assigned by Bailey Leadership.


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