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Bailey Education Group hires Golda Sharpe as Louisiana State Director!

We are excited to announce that Golda Sharpe has joined our team as Louisiana State Director! We cannot wait to see her excel in her role and lead us in serving Louisiana's parishes! Please join us in welcoming her to the Bailey team!!

Golda Sharpe is a passionate and results-driven education leader.  Originally from the Mississippi Delta and now a proud resident of New Orleans, Golda's over 14 year journey in education has been diverse, encompassing roles such as a math teacher, network coach, senior instructional coach, Director of Instructional Support, and Managing Director. Armed with a master's degree in both education and economics, Golda's unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience equips her with a holistic approach to addressing challenges within school networks.

In her debut teaching year, Golda boosted the Algebra 1 proficiency rate by an impressive 12%. Over the next five years, her impact soared, yielding a remarkable 28% increase in the passing rate and an outstanding 32% increase in proficiency. These early triumphs propelled Golda into the role of the district's first math instructional coach, where she sustained her commitment to driving positive change for students in the North Panola School District.

Golda joined the Bailey Education Group Team in the Summer of 2014 as a Senior Leadership and Mathematics Instructional Coach where she led highly impactful professional development sessions, supported with the overall coaching and development of 100+ teachers and leaders across Mississippi and Alabama.   Over the past seven years, Golda has served as a Director of Instructional Support and later ascended to the role of Managing Director of Instructional Support at Instruction Partners. In this influential capacity, she has been instrumental in spearheading and expanding instructional improvement initiatives across multiple states, including Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, and California.  

Golda's leadership extended significantly as she led her team through the Instructional Quality Initiative, observing over 300 math and ELA classrooms in New Orleans. This initiative included creating a landscape analysis identifying instructional strengths, opportunities, and potential pathways for support. The initiative fostered a deeper understanding of adopting high-quality instructional materials, effective practices, and the systems and structures supporting sustained, equitable daily instructional practices for students.

Golda and her team were also instrumental in designing and implementing curriculum and coaching hubs in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. These strategically developed hubs empower over 200 leaders, teachers, and coaches in refining their instructional practices, deepening their content knowledge, and navigating the nuances of leading adaptive instructional improvement work within schools.

Golda Sharpe's unwavering commitment to education and her innovative approaches continue to shape the future of learning across diverse communities. Her journey from the classroom to leadership roles showcases her dedication to driving positive change and empowering leaders and educators to make a lasting impact on students' lives.


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