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  • Customized support for teachers based upon Professional Growth Standards 

  • Individualized professional growth plans to build capacity with instructional standards and best practices

  • Classroom modeling and coaching to build capacity in instructional routines, practices, and standards

  • Data driven analysis for decision making

  • Organization and utilization of data for positive student outcomes

  • Evaluation of assessment and data sets for curriculum and planning

  • Training and Professional Development Support in ACT Basics and Best Practices for Instruction

  • Support in ACT Integration, specifically a Crosswalk of Content

  • Customized curriculum mapping and pacing of ACT and College & Career Readiness Standards 

  • Customized and Data Driven modeling, co-teaching, and small group instruction to promote student growth


ACT WorkKeys

  • Training and Professional Development in ACT WorkKeys and Best Practices for WorkKeys Instruction 

  • Customized Instructional Planning, Data Tracking, and Co-Teaching Support to Integrate WorkKeys into Classroom Instruction

  • Data Driven student support to prepare for WorkKeys assessment

  • Improving the Lives of All Children through the development of school leaders 

  • Empower current school leaders through effective tools, best practices, and experienced-based solutions

  • Address school leadership issues 

  • Foster personal and professional growth 

  • Establish a network of leaders  

  • Facilitate continuous school improvement 

  • Support instructional transformation through side-by-side coaching  

  • Develop a leadership pipeline for future success

  • Custom Support to meet district and school needs

  • Master Schedule Support

  • Training and Support of Using Data to Implement Services for Students- academic/behavior 

  • Development of Social Emotional Learning and PBIS using school data 

  • Support Federal Program Directors on allocation of resources

  • Create synergy between leadership and classroom instruction utilizing federal funding

  • Assist in development of federal/state grant applications

  • Compliance training for state and federal standards

  • Coaching for new Federal Programs Directors

  • Train and coach teachers, paraeducators, and school leaders on Specially Designed Instruction related to academic and behavioral growth for students with disabilities 

  • Strengthen school and district implementation of effective High Leverage Practices (HLPs) in Special Education 

  • Increase understanding of effective practices that improve outcomes in both general education and special education classrooms 

  • Provide specialized support for schools and districts in school improvement

  • Collaborate with schools and districts to design special education programming that is effective, efficient, and compliant

  • Implementation of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process

  • Accelerate the rate of learning with the multi-tiered approach

  • Provide guidance in creating district-wide processes for academic and behavioral responses to intervention

  • Strengthen EL instruction, both in the regular classroom and through EL services

  • Support EL services at the district level and within schools

  • Focus on evidence based EL strategies

  • Student tutorials to prepare students for the English Language Proficiency Test

  • EL test prep materials for teachers

  • Increase understanding and addressing of the achievement gap among culturally diverse students

  • Train teachers on culturally responsive pedagogy, fostering critical consciousness

  • Train teachers how to identify, examine, and solve real-world problems, especially those problems that result in societal inequities against marginalized groups of people

  • Train teachers to understand communication styles and how to modify classroom interactions accordingly

Tutorial Services

  • Customized growth plans for individual students based upon student instructional data

  • Small group intervention and instruction to promote student growth 

  • Data monitoring to track and increase student understanding

English Language Arts & Literacy

  • Train and coach teachers on ELA standards-based instruction

  • Train and coach teachers on effective writing instruction

  • Analyze data to set goals and to make instructional decisions

  • Train, coach, and assist teachers with effective lesson planning, including collaborative planning and planning small group instruction

  • Model effective instructional practices for teachers

  • Create interactive and engaging lessons using grade-level texts

  • Assists teachers with centers creation

  • Provide professional development specific to ELA topics


  • Increase teachers’ understanding of how to deliver high quality math lessons 

  • Show teachers how to analyze data to establish goals 

  • Model how teachers can improve their math instructional practices and processes 

  • Support teachers to develop students’ math fluency skills 


  • Develop engaging and standards-aligned science curricula

  • Create lesson plans that promote inquiry-based learning and critical thinking 

  • Provide training workshops for science educators to enhance teaching methods 

  • Design and facilitate hands-on experiments for experiential learning

  • Create interactive activities that ignite students' curiosity in science

  • Identify areas for growth and targeted interventions

  • Strengthen educator’s understanding of core behavioral principles

  • Provide guidance on classroom management, routines, organization, and structure 

  • Support effective communication and de-escalation strategies

  • Provide coaching and professional development related to PBIS, SEL, effective discipline, and more 

  • Empower school leaders, teachers, staff, and students to utilize the key concepts of restorative practices

  • Reflect on how restorative practices may impact their professional and personal lives

  • Apply the Restorative Practices Continuum effectively 

  • Train school leaders and teachers on positive alternative to zero tolerance policies

  • Provide guidance for Special Education leaders with completing a meaningful root cause analysis

  • Support the development of effective CCEIS plans to address identified areas of disproportionality based on the root cause 

  • Assist with data reviews and CCEIS plan monitoring 

  • Provide direct coaching and PD for schools and districts to address identified CCEIS areas

Bill Brand


North Tippah School District

“I have partnered with the Bailey Education Group both as a principal and a Superintendent.  Their head coaches, teacher coaches, special education coaches, and data coaches provide models for teaching to support school and growth goals.  Through the ongoing partnership, my school and district experienced a tremendous increase in both proficiency and growth.  Teachers developed a “growth mind set” concerning curriculum planning and preparation.  These changes are evident and have yielded sustainable change in our leadership, teachers, and students.”

  • Facilitate engaging sessions on structured literacy practices appropriate for early learners

  • Provide customized training sessions on Emergent Literacy Skills and the Science of Reading

  • Assist in customizing instruction based on various forms of data

  • Develop resources to facilitate the understanding of developmentally appropriate practices for early learners

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