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Coaching & Professional Development Services

Teacher Effectiveness

  • Customize support for teachers

  • Individual professional growth plans

  • Classroom modeling and coaching

Assessment & Data Systems

  • Organization and utilization of data for positive student outcomes

  • Data driven decision making

ACT Certified Training & Support

  • ACT Integration Training — Crosswalk of Content

  • ACT and College & Career Readiness Standards — Curriculum Mapping and Pacing

  • ACT Overview and Best Practices for Instruction

  • ACT Student Support

  • Personalized support for school leaders based on professional growth standards

  • Individualized professional growth plans for school leaders

  • Build capacity and produce positive results with a focus on leadership development

  • Support Federal Program Directors on allocation of resources

  • Create synergy between leadership and classroom instruction utilizing federal funding

  • Assist in development of federal/state grant applications

  • Compliance training for state and federal standards

  • Help schools close the achievement gap

  • Help schools design impactful Individual Education Plans

  • Compliance training for state and federal standards

  • Collaborative planning with special and regular education teachers

  • Implementation of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process

  • Accelerate the rate of learning with the multi-tiered approach

  • Strengthen EL instruction, both in the regular classroom and through EL services

  • Support EL services at the district level and within schools

  • Focus on evidence based EL strategies

  • Increase understanding and addressing of the achievement gap among culturally diverse students

  • Train teachers to teach in a culturally responsive manner

Tutorial Services

  • Custom growth plans for individual students

  • Intense instruction for student growth

English Language Arts & Literacy

  • Building students' reading and writing endurance

  • The three types of writing: What, When & How

  • Building students' vocabulary for comprehension


  • Focusing on critical standards

  • Fluency is more than facts

  • How to engage students in math discourse

Science & Social Studies

  • Engaging centers for multi-dimensional standards

  • Science and Social Studies standards

  • Focus on science disciplinary core ideas

  • Best practices for improving scores

  • Check out our ACT Certified Support and Improvement​

ACT WorkKeys

  • Keys to Instructional Best Practices:

    • Professional Development

    • Teacher Coaching

  • Keys to Student Success:

    • Student Support

    • Customized Support for Districts and Schools​

  • Analyzing and utilizing student data

  • Organizing a data room to drive instruction

  • Assessment Blueprint Training

  • The principal advantage

  • Resiliency in school leaders

  • School resource management

  • Instructional supervision

  • Empowering school leaders to accelerate learning and help to keep students safe

  • Developing leaders who can diagnose issues with more precision

  • Improving staff performance, student performance and safe school operations

  • Customized service includes planning, implementing, monitoring and debriefing


  • Managing the 21st Century classroom

  • Effective professional learning communities

  • Effective interventions for MTSS: Academic and Behavioral

Bill Brand


North Tippah School District

“I have partnered with the Bailey Education Group both as a principal and a Superintendent.  Their head coaches, teacher coaches, special education coaches, and data coaches provide models for teaching to support school and growth goals.  Through the ongoing partnership, my school and district experienced a tremendous increase in both proficiency and growth.  Teachers developed a “growth mind set” concerning curriculum planning and preparation.  These changes are evident and have yielded sustainable change in our leadership, teachers, and students.”

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