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  • Customized support for teachers based upon Professional Growth Standards 

  • Individualized professional growth plans to build capacity with instructional standards and best practices

  • Classroom modeling and coaching to build capacity in instructional routines, practices, and standards

  • Data driven analysis for decision making

  • Organization and utilization of data for positive student outcomes

  • Evaluation of assessment and data sets for curriculum and planning

  • Training and Professional Development Support in ACT Basics and Best Practices for Instruction

  • Support in ACT Integration, specifically a Crosswalk of Content

  • Customized curriculum mapping and pacing of ACT and College & Career Readiness Standards 

  • Customized and Data Driven modeling, co-teaching, and small group instruction to promote student growth


ACT WorkKeys

  • Training and Professional Development in ACT WorkKeys and Best Practices for WorkKeys Instruction 

  • Customized Instructional Planning, Data Tracking, and Co-Teaching Support to Integrate WorkKeys into Classroom Instruction

  • Data Driven student support to prepare for WorkKeys assessment

  • Improving the Lives of All Children through the development of school leaders 

  • Empower current school leaders through effective tools, best practices, and experienced-based solutions

  • Address school leadership issues 

  • Foster personal and professional growth 

  • Establish a network of leaders  

  • Facilitate continuous school improvement 

  • Support instructional transformation through side-by-side coaching  

  • Develop a leadership pipeline for future success

  • Custom Support to meet district and school needs

  • Master Schedule Support

  • Training and Support of Using Data to Implement Services for Students- academic/behavior 

  • Development of Social Emotional Learning and PBIS using school data 

  • Support Federal Program Directors on allocation of resources

  • Create synergy between leadership and classroom instruction utilizing federal funding

  • Assist in development of federal/state grant applications

  • Compliance training for state and federal standards

  • Coaching for new Federal Programs Directors

  • Train and coach teachers, paraeducators, and school leaders on Specially Designed Instruction related to academic and behavioral growth for students with disabilities 

  • Strengthen school and district implementation of effective High Leverage Practices (HLPs) in Special Education 

  • Increase understanding of effective practices that improve outcomes in both general education and special education classrooms 

  • Provide specialized support for schools and districts in school improvement

  • Collaborate with schools and districts to design special education programming that is effective, efficient, and compliant

  • Implementation of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process

  • Accelerate the rate of learning with the multi-tiered approach

  • Provide guidance in creating district-wide processes for academic and behavioral responses to intervention

  • Strengthen EL instruction, both in the regular classroom and through EL services

  • Support EL services at the district level and within schools

  • Focus on evidence based EL strategies

  • Student tutorials to prepare students for the English Language Proficiency Test

  • EL test prep materials for teachers

  • Increase understanding and addressing of the achievement gap among culturally diverse students

  • Train teachers on culturally responsive pedagogy, fostering critical consciousness

  • Train teachers how to identify, examine, and solve real-world problems, especially those problems that result in societal inequities against marginalized groups of people

  • Train teachers to understand communication styles and how to modify classroom interactions accordingly

Tutorial Services

  • Customized growth plans for individual students based upon student instructional data

  • Small group intervention and instruction to promote student growth 

  • Data monitoring to track and increase student understanding

English Language Arts & Literacy

  • Train and coach teachers on ELA standards-based instruction

  • Train and coach teachers on effective writing instruction

  • Analyze data to set goals and to make instructional decisions

  • Train, coach, and assist teachers with effective lesson planning, including collaborative planning and planning small group instruction

  • Model effective instructional practices for teachers

  • Create interactive and engaging lessons using grade-level texts

  • Assists teachers with centers creation

  • Provide professional development specific to ELA topics


  • Increase teachers’ understanding of how to deliver high quality math lessons 

  • Show teachers how to analyze data to establish goals 

  • Model how teachers can improve their math instructional practices and processes 

  • Support teachers to develop students’ math fluency skills 


  • Develop engaging and standards-aligned science curricula

  • Create lesson plans that promote inquiry-based learning and critical thinking 

  • Provide training workshops for science educators to enhance teaching methods 

  • Design and facilitate hands-on experiments for experiential learning

  • Create interactive activities that ignite students' curiosity in science

  • Identify areas for growth and targeted interventions

  • Strengthen educator’s understanding of core behavioral principles

  • Provide guidance on classroom management, routines, organization, and structure 

  • Support effective communication and de-escalation strategies

  • Provide coaching and professional development related to PBIS, SEL, effective discipline, and more 

  • Empower school leaders, teachers, staff, and students to utilize the key concepts of restorative practices

  • Reflect on how restorative practices may impact their professional and personal lives

  • Apply the Restorative Practices Continuum effectively 

  • Train school leaders and teachers on positive alternative to zero tolerance policies

  • Provide guidance for Special Education leaders with completing a meaningful root cause analysis

  • Support the development of effective CCEIS plans to address identified areas of disproportionality based on the root cause 

  • Assist with data reviews and CCEIS plan monitoring 

  • Provide direct coaching and PD for schools and districts to address identified CCEIS areas

  • Facilitate engaging sessions on structured literacy practices appropriate for early learners

  • Provide customized training sessions on Emergent Literacy Skills and the Science of Reading

  • Assist in customizing instruction based on various forms of data

  • Develop resources to facilitate the understanding of developmentally appropriate practices for early learners

Bailey Education Group's premier coaches offer direct student support services through bootcamps and tutorials in the following areas:

  • ACT

  • ACT WorkKeys

  • English Learners

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • Math

  • History

  • A systematic evaluation of teaching methods, curriculum, and student outcomes​

  • Purpose: Improve instructional strategies and enhance student learning

Dr. Shelley Ritz


Plaquemines Parish

"Bailey Education Group consultants bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, empowering teachers with innovative strategies and personalized support. Through tailored guidance, professional development, and consistent feedback, they inspire educators to excel ultimately enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Their collaborative approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement, driving positive change and maximizing student success"

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