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Learning Loss Support

The COVID Relief Bill has been signed and offers many avenues to improve the lives of all children.  At Bailey Education Group, our services to assist you include the following:

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • Planning targeted interventions

  • Using data to drive instruction

  • Creating instructional priority plans

  • Developing instructional pacing calendars and/or guides

  • Customizing student remediation plans

  • Planning academic academies

  • Providing Spring Stretch Camps

  • Utilizing the Core Curriculum

  • Creating effective virtual instruction

Family Engagement & Teacher Capacity

  • Promoting and maintaining family engagement

  • Providing quality professional development

  • Developing a student early warning system

  • Assisting with digital platform implementation

  • Providing social and emotional learning support

School Improvement, Operations & Management

  • Developing and implementing a budget

  • Aligning and managing resources

  • Creating a master schedule

  • Making the most of a hybrid schedule

COVID-19 Resources

We continue to hear from many of our partner school districts who are grappling with the effects of COVID-19. The landscape of this crisis is constantly changing, and it requires educators to lead in flexible, creative and compassionate ways.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning for COVID Relief Funding

Want to know more about ESSER II and strategic planning for success?

The links below feature vital resources for navigating allowable uses of money, short and long term planning, federal program technical guidance and building improvements.

Student With Face Mask

Helping Children Learn & Ensuring Safety

Check out Audio Enhancement's compilation that illustrates how to help children learn, as well as stay safe.

Other COVID-19 Resource Links

We have created this list as a toolkit, and we will be updating it regularly to provide effective solutions to some of the challenges that we are all facing.


Centers for Disease Control Safety Tips

World Health Organization Safety Tips


We want to stress the importance of maintaining mental and emotional wellness during these uncertain times.

CDC: Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health

Mississippi Department of Mental Health

UMMC: Dealing With COVID Stressors

CDC: Helping Children Cope

Mississippi Dept of Mental Health 24/7 Hotline

WHO: Coping With Stress During COVID


Parents: Talking To Children About COVID-19


Bailey Education: At-Home Learning Schedule

Explore All Of Our Services

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Coaching Services

Bailey Education Group offers coaching services in teacher effectiveness, assessment and data systems, tutorial services, leadership development, federal programs and more.

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Professional Development

Bailey Education Group offers customized group training in English Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, ACT and more.

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COVID Support

Bailey Education Group provides learning loss support and comprehensive strategic planning services for COVID relief funding via ESSER.

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