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Professional Development

Bailey Education Group customizes our training to meet our client's needs.

English Language Arts & Literacy

  • Building students' reading and writing endurance

  • The three types of writing: What, When & How

  • Building students' vocabulary for comprehension


  • Focusing on critical standards

  • Fluency is more than facts

  • How to engage students in math discourse

Science & Social Studies

  • Engaging centers for multi-dimensional standards

  • Science and Social Studies standards

  • Focus on science disciplinary core ideas

  • Best practices for improving scores

  • Check out our brand new ACT Certified Support and Improvement

ACT WorkKeys

  • Keys to Instructional Best Practices:

    • Professional Development

    • Teacher Coaching

  • Keys to Student Success:

    • Student Support

    • Customized Support for Districts and Schools​

  • Analyzing and utilizing student data

  • Organizing a data room to drive instruction

  • Assessment Blueprint Training


  • The principal advantage

  • Resiliency in school leaders

  • School resource management

  • Instructional supervision

  • Empowering school leaders to accelerate learning and help to keep students safe

  • Developing leaders who can diagnose issues with more precision

  • Improving staff performance, student performance and safe school operations

  • Customized service includes planning, implementing, monitoring and debriefing


  • Managing the 21st Century classroom

  • Effective professional learning communities

  • Effective interventions for MTSS: Academic and Behavioral

Edwin A. Smith


South Delta School District

“We partnered with the Bailey Educational Group for the three years I’ve been principal at South Delta High School within the South Delta School District where Mr. Sammy Ivy is our Superintendent, and in that time period, our overall growth and low quartile growth have increased. In addition to that, our Algebra I scores have skyrocketed. Our work with the Bailey Educational Group changed the conversations about instruction and learning in our building in meaningful ways and gave me insight in conducting true data talk and deep dive into instructional practices in a more concise manner. Building teacher capacity is vital and necessary for systemic change; therefore, it is imperative that we support and strengthen our teaching staff. The Bailey Educational Group focused on building teacher capacity and how that affects student achievement. They really helped to push our school’s vision and develop a culture of academic excellence.”

Explore All Of Our Services

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Coaching Services

Bailey Education Group offers coaching services in teacher effectiveness, assessment and data systems, tutorial services, leadership development, federal programs and more.

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Professional Development

Bailey Education Group offers customized group training in English Language Arts and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, ACT and more.

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COVID Support

Bailey Education Group provides learning loss support and comprehensive strategic planning services for COVID relief funding via ESSER.

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